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Oct 3, 2011 6:30pm PDT
am suddenly free. that is great, but hard to get used to. >> the tele lechler as for russia and in the netherlands and is now found refuge in lithuania -- dinatale of left for russia -- italia. she wrote about alexander lukashenko and his abuse of power. >> the kgb confiscated 20 computers and put huge pressure of my colleagues. i lost two teams because people were afraid to come to work. the scattered when the police beat me up. >> hear the kgb museum in vilnius, she recalls the events of december 19, 2010 in the belarusian capital of minsk where her involvement in protest against election fraud are her of being and imprisonment. >> i cannot take it. they took me to a place just like this. the cell was similar. the beds, too. but there were so many of us that had to lie on the floor. it was awful. there are still innocent in people in jail there in minsk. one was given five years. >> minsk, where the dictator alexander lukashenko still ruled with an iron fist. natalia cher herself with irina chalip. her release is tainted with sadness. >> there was suddenly this awful certa
Oct 22, 2011 4:30am PDT
be the role model for other indebted countries to kind -- to to copy -- to copy. >> their milk is used in butter and business is booming. brian has a firm. it is family owned for nine generations. he has 150 cows and his herd is growing. >> milk prices are up. the weather is going extremely well. grass growth is extremely well. the cows are content. it is looking good for next year as well. >> the farm is a cooperative owned by the farmers themselves. that is good news for his business. the company's sales manager is paying a visit to introduce some of his latest products. the brand is a global success story. it is ireland's biggest food exporter. germany is one of its largest foreign markets. it is popular in countries like china and angola. >> i feel quite proud about it. getting my dairy products on markets around the globe gives a boost to ireland. >> the amount of food leaving dublin ports is growing all the time. that is helping the celtic tiger discovered its roar. at the same time, imports are dropping. purchasing power remains weak. the crisis is not over yet. this dublin fami
Oct 29, 2011 4:30am PDT
is very fit and used to be in the military. >> i wanted to retrain to do a computer course. they told me i had to supervise these workers first or lose my unemployment benefits and job training. >> in budapest, this scheme is not run by the employment or economics ministries. it falls under the jurisdiction of the interior ministry. the department had responsible for the program says it is because his ministry has the strength to implement it. >> our goal is to create a family model in which children see their parents get up and go to work every morning. >> for decades, the mother of his family have we went off to work every day. she even earned an entry into the who's who listing of successful of professionals. she is well known as an outspoken journalist. she is jewish and the single mother of four. shortly after the orban government came to power, she was dismissed. >> i tried everything to find work. i said i would do almost anything. it has always followed the same pattern. at first people were enthusiastic about my education, i have three degrees. the next day, they would make some e
Oct 10, 2011 6:30pm PDT
year after that, until harry's life was taken, he used to come around to see my father, and he would bring my father tobacco for his pipe. >> but on march 20th, 1989, superintendent harry green was ambushed. he was with superintendent bob buchanan after meeting police colleagues from the republic of ireland. at the cross border security talks, they discussed ways to stem about a smuggling ring controlled by the ira. when they beat stamp -- stamp out a smuggling ring controlled by the ira. when they returned, the killers were waiting. questions remain over how the terrorists knew when and where the two men would be crossing the border. he is convinced he knows the answer. he is the founder and head of the group family's acting for innocent relatives. his own father was killed by the ira. now he helps the family members of other victims. >> we know for a fact that a senior member of the ira was contacted by an officer and told they were ready to leave the station. it had to be in operation. there had to be collusion. >> he has talked to many witnesses. his campaign resulted in the form
Oct 30, 2011 1:00pm PDT
, there are not enough textbooks to go around. instead, the school is encouraged to use computers and interactive software. >> the ministry has already informed us that from next year on, there will not be any books anymore. they will only be distributing cd rs. that is a problem for low-income families. they cannot all afford a computer for every child just s they can do their homework. >> until now, the schools have simply made photocopies when there were not enough books to go around. but in this class, there are not even enough copies. there german teacher uses a projector to make the only available textbook available for everyone. it is a far cry from ideal conditions. >> everyone does the best they can and we'll hope things get better. >> that hope is shared by this group that runs the snack bar. one of the favored items on the menu is a greek cheese pastry. >> lately, a lot of children have been coming without money. they say their parents cannot afford the sex anymore. that never used to be the case at our school -- they say their parents cannot afford the snacks anymore. that never used
Oct 9, 2011 1:00pm PDT
scholz makes the highly charged claim in his book that most prostatectomies in the u.s. are avoidable. - over 50,000 surgeries are done every year. 40,000 of those are unnecessary. those men could either be watched or treated with a much milder treatment. - it's a claim strongly challenged by those at the forefront of prostate cancer research and treatment. by t- i do not agreefront of pwith that statent,earch and i d't belie that that statement is based in scientific fact. - take a deep breath, please. - dr. scholz nonetheless advocates far less aggressive treatment for most patients. - hundreds and now even thousands of men are living with known prostate cancer and undergoing no treatment whatsoever. this is an approach called active surveillance that has become standardized. - johns hopkins has the largest active surveillance group in the country but strictly defines who is eligible. - patients who are candidates for active surveillance at johns hopkins are individuals over 65 years of age who have a diagnosis of the lowest grade of prostate cancer. - mark kleckner chose to have hi
Oct 17, 2011 6:30pm PDT
of that continually. someday, we can live again like we used to, before we were homeless. >> until then, he will have to collect quite a bit of newspapers. -- used papers. >> in the mid-1950s, the first wave of italian market workers came to germany. they were hired to do hard jobs for very little money. they all had a dream. one day their children would be better off than them. this sent back the cash to italy and that house is built there -- house is built there. not all dreams come true. >> when he moved from germany to his parents' home town in italy, it was like going into a ghost town. it is full of half finished homes. >> the germantown starts here. as you can see, everything is half finished, has built. >> the owners moved abroad in the 1950's and 1970's and send their money back home. today, the apartments they build are empty and falling into disrepair. >> the residents wanted to breathe new life into the town. they built houses suitable for large families in the modern part of the town. 4000 apartments are empty in a town that is 8000 inhabited. to bonnie is one of the handful of german-bo
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)